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In My Opinion.... February Edition

Reviews. I can't get enough of them. Whether I am buying something, visiting somewhere, looking for a restaurant and everything in between - if there are reviews available I am looking their first. So that gave me the idea to share some of my reviews with all of you. In some cases, my reviews may just simply be a personal opinion such as the proper way to eat a KitKat bar (yes, I believe there is a right and wrong way). So each month I will give my opinion or review on 3 things I give thumbs up to and 1 thing that gets a thumbs down. So, welcome to the first installment of In My Opinion.....

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Thumbs Up - Reviews. I would be lost without them. Actually, I'd probably save a lot more money because I wouldn't buy anything online without them. I rely on reviews. I will scroll past all the product details and specs and go straight to the reviews. And I don't just read a few. I read A LOT. I want to see when the reviews were left (was it last month or last year) and I want to see the good and the bad reviews. Even better are the reviews you can filter by height and weight when I am shopping for clothes. So if you aren't leaving honest reviews when you have the opportunity.... and not just when you have something bad to say - try to make a habit from here on out. It's very helpful. And you might the reason someone finally tries something they weren't willing to try before.

Thumbs Up - Counting Macronutrients. For the past 6 years I have counted macros off and on. For someone who grew up battling eating disorders I tried every "lose weight" diet fad known to man. Spoiler alert - none of them worked. But counting macros is about understanding whether what you are eating falls within the recommended macronutrient ranges. And a macronutrient range is individual specific whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight. You can literally eat whatever you want as long as it fits within your macro range. Now... the kicker to that is you will realize you are not making good choices because you can exceed your range with just one meal. But... that doesn't mean you can't have those cheese and bacon covered nachos while enjoying a cocktail at the ball game with friends. I don't follow my macros to the T every day. But because I make a point to follow it at least 5 days a week I lost 10 pounds in 3 months (that was during Thanksgiving and Christmas too!) and continue to maintain where I'm at. Want to learn more... just ask me how.

Thumbs Up - FITTEAM FIT. First and foremost - it is SOOOO good. I have always had a problem with staying hydrated because I am not a water fan. I can drink sweet tea and coffee all day. Heck, throw a few beers in there. But water, I just can't seem to do it.... nope, no thanks. That is until FIT. I drink at least two a day, and it has helped slow down my coffee intake. Not that drinking coffee is a bad thing, but when you add creamer to it, it adds to your macros and if I can save a few macros each day to use on something else - like ice cream - slowing down on coffee isn't a bad thing. It's also an appetite suppressant. Now don't go thinking you can skip a meal... but it definitely helps me last from breakfast to lunch without making any rash snacking decisions because my stomach has taken control of my brain. If you want to learn more about it - click on the FITTEAM tab at the top of the page. You won't regret it.

Thumbs Down - TicketMaster surchages. Concerts and shows can be expensive on their own but just to purchase an electronic ticket you have to add another $80 - $100 in additional fees to the price. It's crazy. I just got my son and his girlfriend tickets to see Justin Timberlake in concert this summer and the surcharges were insane. I mean, it is what it is... but it doesn't mean I have to like it. lol


Coffee Break

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There is no telling what we'll blog about next.  Whatever it is, I can assure you we will be giving you genuine Van Family anecdotes on life, marriage, fitness, raising kids, hobby farming and more.  We don't claim to be experts in any of the topics... but we do hope you get to know us, see that we have faults, make mistakes and disagree.  But we also have fun, try new things, come up with wild ideas and eat sushi 3x a week.  

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