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Forming a Community Health and Wellness Group

group of community members engaged in physical activity

Plenty of things are more fun when you do them with someone else — but did you know you're also more likely to reach your health and wellness goals when you harness the power of doing things together by joining a community wellness group?

It is no secret that I love being active and that health and fitness play an important part in my life. So I've decided that forming a community health and wellness group would be a fun way to help people set and achieve their health and wellness goals.

My goals and expectations for this group:

  • Participate. Whether they come for 20 minutes or stay for the entire hour each week, I hope they come out with the intent of giving it their best - no matter their fitness level.

  • Support. The reason many people get gym memberships but never go is because they don't feel supported in their efforts. Maybe they don't know how to use the equipment or feel comfortable working out alone in front of people they don't know. I want this group to support each other and provide a positive experience for anyone who attends.

  • Goals. Big or small, I don't care. And they don't have to be shared with the group. I want each and every person to set at least one goal. Maybe it's simply to attend each weekly session. Maybe it's someone who can't do even one pushup that wants to be able to do 5 by the time summer is over. Maybe it's to sign up and complete a 5k walk/run - something they have never done before. Again, I don't care what their goal - I just want them to right it down, and chase after it.

  • Social Health. Group fitness is all about socialization. Some people are so busy throughout the day that they don't have time for friendships. I hope connections are made. That might even include getting their kids together, signing up for a race as a group, or setting up walking or running dates on other days of the weeks. Socializing in person - rather than over social media - is so important nowadays. It's also easier to create realistic expectations for yourself when you see other people experiencing the same thing as you in real time.

  • Speak Up. If anyone is concerned about an pre-existing injury or whether or not they can or should do something I want them to speak up. Every exercise can be modified or tweaked in some way to work for them.

  • Safety. Wear appropriate workout attire. Bring water. Don't overdo it. Every single person should feel safe in this group environment. If anyone ever feels something is unsafe - see expectation above - SPEAK UP!

  • Grace. Give yourself grace. You are going to get sore. You are going to feel defeated at times. You are going to come up with an excuse to skip the workout. It's OK. We have all felt that way at some time or another. Even the best of the best. Give yourself some grace, take what time you need, and then get back at it.

I am really excited about getting this group going because I love sharing my passion for health and fitness with others. I hope over time this grows into something bigger and I hope (for my sanity) there are other community members who want to take the lead and help me make this group as successful as possible. :)


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