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Would You Like Your Caffeine Synthetic or Organic?

Imagine you are ordering a drink and the waiter asks, "How would you like that, synthetic or organic?" If you are getting an oil change - you might say synthetic. But you're about to consume something tasty - the last thing you want to be asked is if you want it in synthetic form. But, if you drink Rockstar, Monster, RedBull, Celsius, Bang..... or one of the MANY other energy drink brands out there, there is a 98% chance that you are drinking synthetic Caffeine. Don't worry - you're not alone. According to the report, U.S. sales of energy drinks amounted to approximately 1.6 billion units for the 13 weeks ended on December 30, 2023.

Artificial Caffeine is completely synthetic and is added to everything from beverages to dietary supplements. It’s less expensive to produce Caffeine in a lab than it is to extract it from plants. Popular energy drink brands usually opt for the artificial alternative to cut costs. Even though the two forms of Caffeine are nearly the same on a chemical level, they affect the body differently.

"Synthetic or artificial Caffeine is absorbed through the body much faster than natural Caffeine. The rapid absorption causes a much stronger reaction to this popular stimulant, with a greater energy spike in less time. Leading energy drinks can have more than the recommended daily dose of Caffeine in a single can, so a faster absorption of such a large amount of Caffeine will only enhance the Caffeine’s negative side effects. Jitters, nervousness, anxiety, and inability to focus are all commonly experienced with Caffeine consumed in large doses. When consuming a caffeinated beverage, most people are seeking a surge of calming, controlled energy, which is unfortunately rarely achieved from drinking beverages made with synthetic Caffeine." ( This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Rather than give you a lesson on organic vs. synthetic Caffeine (you are all intelligent people... and Google is an amazing resource with limitless information readily available) let me share my story with you.

I have been a coffee drinker since forever. It is something about the coffee smell and taste that puts me in a good mood. I've never been an energy drink person. Don't get me wrong - I've tried many different kinds. They all just seemed too sweet for me. I could handle a sip... but that was about it. So I stuck with my coffee. Well, when I was a newbie coffee drinker I liked a little bit of coffee with my cream and sugar. And after about 10 years of drinking coffee like that I knew I needed to change some habits. Over time I was able to cut out sugar all together but still used creamer. Some years later I needed to limit the amount of creamer I was using so here I am today measuring 2 tablespoons every time I drink coffee and try to go black from time to time to limit all the unpronounceable ingredients I was consuming daily.

Then I was introduced to FITTEAM FIT. Marketed as a natural energy and wellness drink I had my suspicions - remember, I wasn't an energy drink person. But I am so glad I tried it. It's so good. Not sweet at all. And I drink it at least once a day now (most days twice) - I almost crave it - and it helps me replace 2 cups of coffee per day (and if you are doing the math that's 4 tablespoons of creamer and additives I am reducing from my daily diet!) and drink water - which I am TERRIBLE at doing. The only water I used to get was the water I make my coffee with. (Don't judge!) At this point in time, I didn't really know (or care about) the difference between synthetic and organic Caffeine. Until I wanted to learn more about this amazing product. Then I went down a rabbit hole.... holy smokes. Did you know synthetic Caffeine glows? Like... WHAT!?

Below I've provided some insightful differences between the two types of Caffeine but encourage you to do your own research. I am not telling you to stop drinking your Monsters. (You should but I am not telling you to) But you should make small changes in your diet for your overall health and wellness. Switch out one of your Monsters everyday for a FIT. I guarantee that after a couple of days of drinking FIT that you will notice a difference in how you feel, your energy level, and mood.'ll save a lot of money - those energy drinks are expensive. And FIT comes in a handy little packet for you to mix in your bottle of water or glass of water at a restaurant.


Go over to our FITTEAM tab to learn more about FITTEAM FIT. Making healthy choices has never been so easy.

Organic Caffeine Vs. Synthetic Caffeine


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