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Proper Nutrition is Key

I've decided to get certified as a nutritionist. Yes sir, the girl who has always had a love hate relationship with food is finally going to get smart in nutrition. Why? Because in order to reach your health goals you have to look beyond a great workout plan. Nutrition is key.


Nutrition and fitness are both crucial components of a healthy lifestyle, and they work synergistically to promote overall well-being. However, the saying "you are what you eat" holds a lot of truth. Nutrition might be considered more important than fitness in some contexts:

  • Nutrition provides the building blocks for your body's structure, function, and energy production. Without proper nutrients, your body cannot function optimally, regardless of how much you exercise.

  • While exercise can burn calories and help with weight management, nutrition plays a more significant role in weight loss or gain. Everybody knows that consuming more calories than you burn will lead to weight gain, regardless of how much you exercise. Conversely, consuming fewer calories than you burn will result in weight loss, even without exercise.

  • Proper nutrition provides the energy your body needs to function throughout the day. Without adequate fuel from food, you may feel tired, sluggish - even hangry! - and unable to perform at your best, even if you exercise regularly.

While both nutrition and fitness are essential for overall health, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. In other words, even if you exercise regularly, poor nutrition can undermine your efforts and prevent you from reaching your health and fitness goals. Therefore, prioritizing a nutritious diet lays a strong foundation for overall health and well-being.

As an ISSA nutritionist, I'll learn all about food and food habits — just one more thing to add to my tool box in order to make the smart recommendations to help others crush their goals. Wish me luck!


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